Participants who need a visa to enter India should apply to the Indian Embassy in their resident countries with all required documents. See detail visa information at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India and countries for visa exemptions.

For Visa Assistance Letters, please contact the Registration Chair with the following information and items which are requested in visa documents. Your mail subject should be "Visa Letter for RAACE2017."

Your full name as in passport, Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, Occupation, and Affiliation.

Postal mail address and phone number that you can receive our documents quickly and safely.

Paper ID and paper title

Certificate of employment or enrollment (electronic copy).

Travel itinerary (form) / receipt (electronic copy).

Confirmation of your hotel booking (electronic copy); your booked hotel name is a mandatory item in a visa application form.

Visa Assistance Letters should be issued to only Speakers / Presenters who have paid the required registration fee in full. When you plan to travel with your companions who do not present any papers, you should apply their visas together. See specific instructions provided together with the Visa Assistance Letters.

(1) Visa applicants are recommended to send their payment proofs to the Registration Chair as soon as they receive our paper acceptance notifications even their final camera-ready papers have not been submitted, which helps them to start visa procedure quickly.

(2) You may go sightseeing taking advantage of this opportunity. It is not necessary for those who apply short-term stay visas for sightseeing to contact with the Registration Chair but your travel agent. It is a simpler and easy way to obtain a visa than short-term stay visas for attending conferences or visiting your friends.

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